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Block users located in Russia from byuing software#104

I want to do my own economic sanctions against certain countries that started a war. So It would be great if it would be possible to restrict users based on geography and also have option to block known VPN IP adresses. Many services can do that e.g. Proton VPN is blocked in many different websites.

2 years ago

Do you think that russian citizens are responsible for what happens?

2 years ago

No. But I don’t want to target citizenship but geography instead. I can’t saction government directly so I can do that only indirectly. If russian people will move outside and pay taxes elsewhere then I will happily support brain drain to get talented people working for democratic countries.

2 years ago

Don’t be afraid, russian citizens not allowed to buy anything anymore, thanks to VIsa and MC block.

2 years ago

Yes situation changed a bit from month ago. Anyway I do offer some of my software on Gumroad for any price the user type including “$0”. And that does not require money transfer.

2 years ago

Also I would like to have possibility to target different countries in future without need to wait for payment companies.

2 years ago

In Russia it isn’t illegal to fileshare software etc. anymore as well.

2 years ago
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