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One-time discount for new customers#141

Ability to offer discounts for new customers that the specific customer can only use once.

2 years ago

That would give customers a good incentive to come back and check out other products. Very good idea.

To extend this, it would also be nice to have the option to automatically generate a one-time code for customers who purchases/have purchased a specific product.

This would be great for anyone who offer tiered products or bundles.

E.g if someone buys a product that is also included in a bundle, they can get a personal one-time discount code towards the bundle.

E.g 2 if someone downloads a free/demo version of a product or buys the Basic version of a product that also has a Pro variant available, they can get a personal one-time discount code towards upgrading.

This will quickly generate more incentives to upgrade/crossgrade etc between various products, without the need for us to create global discounts and leave those active forever.

2 years ago

This would be so helpful!

2 years ago
Changed the status to
4 months ago

This is marked as Completed - but where/how do we set it up in Gumroad?

4 months ago

I want to know the same, where can we set it up?

3 months ago

@Sahil Lavingia would appreciate an answer on this

2 months ago

It’s an option when creating a discount code to limit to the first month of use for a membership.

2 months ago

@Sahil Lavingia I think the OP’s feature request was for a one-time discount code for any new customer - not just subscription based offers.

I’ve made a new feature request below with a description of the feature (although I think Za3642l4 made a perfection clarification below Jad’s original request in the current thread).

New feature request thread:

2 months ago